Armenia's main trading partner turns its back on it, what to do with fruits and vegetables?

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Published Nov 11, 2023

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Experts from EastFruit highlight a series of events that are negatively impacting Armenia's ability to export fruits, vegetables, and other goods. These events coincide with deteriorating relations between Armenia and Russia, which the Armenian leadership blames for not fulfilling obligations regarding Karabakh. One of these events is unexpected road repairs during winter on Upper Lars, the main route for delivering goods from Armenia to Russia, forcing Armenia to consider a more expensive and politically sensitive alternative route through Azerbaijan. Additionally, North Ossetia, under Russian control, has discovered dangerous viruses in tomatoes from Armenia, potentially leading to a ban on product supply.
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EastFruit experts draw attention to a number of sequential events that have a negative impact on Armenia’s ability to export its fruits and vegetables, as well as other types of goods. Moreover, these events surprisingly coincide with the cooling of relations between Armenia and Russia, which the Armenian leadership actively accuses of failure to fulfill obligations on Karabakh. What kind of events are these? First of all, this is an announcement about unexpected road repairs actually in winter on Upper Lars, which is the only route for the delivery of goods from Armenia to Russia. The alternative route through Azerbaijan, firstly, involves significantly higher delivery costs, and secondly, passes through a country with which, until recently, Armenia was in an active phase of war. And here’s another coincidence - the unrecognized North Ossetia, actually controlled by Russia (read Rosselkhoznadzor), suddenly discovered dangerous viruses in tomatoes supplied from Armenia. Therefore, ...
Source: Eastfruit
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