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Turkey: The famous walnut saplings of Bandırma started to be grafted

Updated Aug 11, 2021
The grafting period of walnut saplings grown by farmers in the rural Sahil Yenice District of Bandırma district of Balıkesir and sent to 33 countries has begun. About 10 million walnut saplings are grown annually in Sahil Yenice, known as the "Fidancı village". The saplings, which are removed after the grafting and maintenance processes, are tied with ropes and loaded onto trucks for sale at the final stage.
Most of the people living in the neighborhood, where 6 million saplings are sent annually to all over the country and to 33 countries including Greece, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Kosovo, Azerbaijan, Russia, England, Serbia and Romania, earn their living from this work. Due to the insufficient lands in the face of increasing demand in recent years, the producers who rented agricultural land in the surrounding neighborhoods of Ömerli, Ziraatli, Kayacık and Erikli are trying to increase their production. Attempts are underway to export to the USA from the neighborhood where the vaccination process started. Bandırma Chamber of Agriculture President Süleyman Dönmez told Anadolu Agency (AA) that walnut saplings produced in Bandırma contributed greatly to the country's economy and that the sapling production in the region reached 11 million last year. Neighborhood headman Nuri Varlık stated that the vaccination is progressing smoothly and said, "Currently, the demands are increasing and they are ...
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