Bangladesh: Potato import in peak harvesting period

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Published Feb 17, 2024

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The import of potatoes from India has led to a decrease in prices in Dinajpur district, Bangladesh, with further reductions expected as more shipments arrive. This is anticipated to stabilize the potato market ahead of Ramadan. However, the necessity of this import is being questioned as the country's potato production was reportedly sufficient to meet demand. The government attributes the import to cyclonic storm damage to potato crops, but there are inconsistencies between the production figures provided by the agriculture ministry and the Bangladesh Cold Storage Association. Similar issues have been observed with onion imports.
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Already the first consignments have arrived, reportedly, to have some positive impact on the volatile market. Dinajpur district where the consignments of potatoes entered through its port land Hili has recorded a price drop of Tk10-15 a kilogram as a consequence. But this price level is 110 per cent higher compared to this time around the previous year. With more truckloads of potatoes arriving from India, the price is expected to come down even further. While this development is expected to stabilize potato market to the relief of the consumers just before the month of Ramadan, there is certainly a need for clarifying the situation that has prompted the government to go for this unusual move. Then, it has not been the only case; import of onion in its on-going harvesting period also leaves many people confused. So far the only explanation for the preemptive government move has been put forward is the damage caused to potato cultivation in Rangpur and Rajshahi by cyclonic storms ...
Source: Argenpapa
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