Myanmar: Beans, including rice, corn and sesame week market review

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Myanmar [Burma]
Market & Price Trends
Dried Adzuki Bean
Published Oct 2, 2023

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The price of rice and sesame has fallen slightly after the rain rice reference price was set. However, in some markets like Rangoon, the price of rice remains high. The prices of mung beans, red beans, and chickpeas have fluctuated, with some prices rising and others remaining stable.
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This week, after the rain rice reference price was set, the rice price range fell, and the price of rice also fell slightly. Similarly, March money The price of sesame also fell, and the price of chickpeas and chickpeas rose again. The price of rice, which had been rising steadily, was stable last week, and the price has fallen a little this week, according to rice traders. Shwe Boposan has dropped about 10,000 kyats per bag, and some other coarse rice has also fallen back to about 1,000 to 5,000 per bag. Still, in the market of Rangoon bamboo market, tigers share, Mat, Daydre, Surrey Por San, The price of a bag in Por San Village is 100,000 Kyats, while Shwe Bo Por San has a price of 125,000 Kyats per bag in Yangon's Watan Market, and 15,000 Kyats in the external market. In order to keep the price of rice from falling and not rising again, the Myanmar Elk Rice Federation and officials are using various methods, such as stopping the export of rice abroad, requesting permission ...
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