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Becoming a priority substitute for wheat, the Ministry of Agriculture boosts cassava production in Indonesia

Updated Sep 24, 2022
TABLOIDSINARTANI.COM, Jakarta --- To strengthen food production, the Ministry of Agriculture (Kementan) boosts cassava production as a food substitute for wheat and other commodities for basic ingredients in the food industry and raw materials for the feed industry.
The Director General of Tanmana Food, Suwandi, stated at the Technical Guidance and Socialization (BTS) Propaktani on Wednesday (19/9) that cassava is currently a trend, because at a time when the impact of COVID-19, extreme climate and food crisis, demand for cassava has risen sharply. Cassava exports increased 3 times from last year, so this is an opportunity to strengthen the position of the agricultural sector and the welfare of farmers in the midst of the impact of global challenges "The various conveniences of cassava plants, we already know, the term wooden sticks become plants. Planting cassava using cuttings can be in different planting methods depending on needs, for example what is needed for leaves, can be planted by knocking down or plugging in," said Suwandi at the webinar on the theme "Strategy for Seed Provision Cassava to Support the Development of the Archipelago Food Area in Central Sulawesi Province”. Head of the Central Sulawesi (Central Sulawesi) Food Crops ...
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