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Békés County harvested the most wheat in Hungary in 2022

Updated Feb 2, 2023
The yield of wheat, autumn and spring barley, rye, triticale and oats also fell compared to 2021 in Békés County. At the same time, most of the main bread grain in the country was still harvested here. The series of data recently published by the Central Statistical Office revealed that the sheep population in the region was larger last summer than the year before, while the cattle, pig and chicken populations decreased slightly.
Beol wrote that in 2022, 34 percent of the arable land, i.e. 132.9 thousand hectares, was cultivated with ear crops. Although their arable area expanded compared to the previous year, their combined yield - 482.5 thousand tons - fell by 36 percent as a result of the summer drought that hit the region. The yields per hectare are in the middle and last third of the county rankings. Wheat, which accounts for three-quarters of the grain crop, was harvested 39 percent less from an area that was 14 percent larger than the previous year, and thus its yield per hectare (3.5 tons) was 46 percent lower than in 2021. Most of the main bread grain in the country was still harvested in Békés county. The harvested area of barley increased by a fifth in one year, despite this, its yield fell by a quarter, so its specific yield (4.1 tons/hectare) was 36 percent lower, they cited KSH data. The cattle herd decreased slightly at the beginning of the summer compared to a year earlier, but the number ...
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