Berlin, Germany: Opportunities for Egyptian companies to expand export of vegetables and fruits

Published Feb 4, 2021

Original content

Commercial Counselor Nisreen Wahish, Head of the Commercial Office in Berlin, said that there is an opportunity for Egyptian companies operating in the field of food industries to expand in the field of exporting frozen vegetables and fruits to the German market. In cooperation with the Commercial Representation Authority, the German market produces only 20% of its needs of fruits, and a third of its needs are from frozen vegetables, which are the second largest consumption of frozen products in Germany, and the import is dependent on European Union countries such as Belgium, Spain, Italy and France. She explained that the value of Egypt's exports to Germany amounted to about 750 million euros during 2019, noting that vegetables, fresh fruits and food industries represent about 27% of the total Egyptian exports to the German market. She mentioned that the commercial office contributed last year 2020 in providing more than 15 export opportunities for Egyptian food products, "herbs ...
Source: Akhbarelyom
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