Bonito abundance in Çanakkale, Turkey

Frozen Bonito
Published Sep 16, 2021

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Bonito, which was caught by big boats in the Çanakkale Strait and the Marmara Sea and sold for 20-25 liras per piece, aroused the Çanakkale Fish Market due to the intense interest of the consumers. Despite the increase in diversity, those who want small fish buy sardines and anchovies. Haddock and scallops are also preferred for their cheap prices. The bluefish, which is described as the "prince of the seas" due to its unique characteristics, is caught by anglers in this period and offered for sale at 150 liras per kilogram. "More variety, less quantity" Ersen Duman, President of Çanakkale Central Fisheries Cooperative No. 1, said that the first 15 days of the season are behind. Explaining that the variety on the counters is high, but the amount of fish offered for sale is not very plentiful, Duman said: "We anticipate that there will be plenty of bluefish, yellow wing and bluefish" Melih Kayıkçı, one of the shopkeepers of the market, emphasized that their expectations for this ...
Source: Haber7
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