Brief overview of China’s tea import and export from January to September 2023

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Published Oct 24, 2023

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From January to September 2023, China's tea exports decreased in volume, value, and average price compared to the previous year. Green tea, black tea, Pu'er tea, and dark tea all showed a decline in exports, while oolong tea experienced an increase. Morocco was the largest tea export market with a significant decrease in imports, while Algeria had the largest increase in tea imports. The overall tea import situation in China decreased in volume but increased in average price, with black tea and dark tea imports showing growth trends. The top five tea import markets were Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Burundi, and Malawi.
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1. Tea export situation ​ According to customs statistics, from January to September 2023, my country's tea exports were 269,600 tons, with a value of US$1.308 billion, and an average price of US$4.85/kg, down 3.55%, 15.7% and 12.61% respectively year-on-year. Among various tea categories, the exports of green tea (225,200 tons), black tea (22,000 tons), Pu'er tea (1,301 tons) and dark tea (207 tons) showed a downward trend, with the largest decrease of 21.5% for dark tea; oolong tea (15,700 tons) The largest export growth rate reached 2.92%. The top 10 tea export markets are Morocco, Ghana, Uzbekistan, Algeria, Senegal, Mauritania, Russia, Benin, Mali and Japan. Exports to Morocco were 40,400 tons, the largest decrease of 32.85%; exports to Algeria were 1.6 million tons, with the largest increase reaching 86.89%. 2. Tea import situation ​ According to customs statistics, from January to September 2023, my country imported 29,200 tons of tea, valued at US$105 million, ...
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