Calls for EU legislators to ban cages for layers

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Published Feb 10, 2024

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Compassion in World Farming's EggTrack 2023 report urges the European Union to enforce its proposed ban on caged farming. The report, which monitored 444 companies, found that 71% are making progress towards cage-free commitments, with Europe leading the transition at 80%, followed by the US at 73%, and the Asia-Pacific at 57%. However, the report emphasizes the need for legislative support to completely eradicate cages. Several countries, including France, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, have already enacted bans on cage systems for hens, while 11 US states have banned battery cages.
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Calls for the European Union to deliver on its promised ban on the use of cages for farmed animals have been made by animal welfare charity Compassion in World Farming in its latest EggTrack 2023 report. The report shows that food companies are focused on providing a cage-free life for egg-laying hens, despite the ongoing challenges posed by avian influenza, inflation and the war in Ukraine. But it says that without their actions being reinforced by legislators, there will not be a final eradication of cages. Such legislation, it argues, would broadly reflect consumer attitudes, pointing to the 1.4 million EU citizens that signed the ‘End the Cage Age’ initiative in 2020 and the 2023 Eurobarometer report which found that 91% of European believe that protecting the welfare of farmed animals is important and 84% saying animals should be better protected than they are currently. During the year, 444 companies were monitored by Egg Track. Between them they have made 715 cage-free ...
Source: Poultryworld
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