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Camellia oleifera planting area in China reaches 68 million mu

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Nov 18, 2020
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Economic Daily News reporter Huang Junyi learned from the National Camellia Industry Development Meeting held on the 16th that China’s current Camellia oleifera planting area has reached 68 million mu, with 14 million mu of high-yield Camellia oleifera forest, 627,000 tons of camellia oil, and the total output value of the camellia industry. According to the State Forestry and Grassland Administration, in recent years, China’s policy support for the camellia oleifera industry has continued to increase, and the planting area and output of camellia oleifera have been gradually increased. The Bureau issued the "Guide to the Development of Camellia oleifera Industry", 15 major oil-tea camellia-producing provinces and regions issued provincial-level development plans for the Camellia oleifera industry to accelerate the transformation and management of low-yield and low-efficiency Camellia oleifera forests. Since 2019, a total of 364 low-yield and low-efficiency Camellia oleifera forests have been transformed In many places, the output of Camellia oleifera per mu has increased by 4 to 10 times. Through innovating the operating model of the Camellia oleifera industry, nearly 2 million poor people have been effectively driven out of poverty and income. At the same time, China has accelerated the implementation of the selection and breeding of improved varieties of Camellia oleifera, variety structure adjustment and industrial technological innovation . The country has established 658 designated nurseries. The annual production capacity of improved varieties of Camellia oleifera has increased from 50 million in 2008 to 1 billion in 2019. The yield of some improved varieties of Camellia oleifera with high and stable yield can reach 40-50 kilograms per mu. Since 2019, selected There are 72 scientific and technological achievements of Camellia oleifera, 76 promotion projects of Camellia oleifera and 3 national promotion projects have been implemented.
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