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Russia: Can Ural trout replace scarce salmon?

Updated Aug 20, 2022
Ekaterinburg restaurateurs appealed to the OFAS with a complaint about a sharp increase in purchase prices for salmon. Dishes from it are included in the traditional menu of fish restaurants and Japanese cuisine establishments, however, due to high prices and a shortage of salmon, they may be on the "stop list". The correspondent of "RG" found out how Sverdlovsk fish farmers can help in this situation.
- The situation went beyond all reasonable limits! - Ivan Zaichenko, the founder of restaurants and a chain of stores, exclaims on social networks. According to him, over the past three months, the cost of Atlantic salmon weighing 5-6 kilograms has increased from 750 to 1800 rubles per kilo. But even at that price, it's hard to find. Previously, salmon was supplied to the Urals from Chile and the Faroe Islands, as well as from Murmansk. Now the domestic supplier is left alone and, apparently, cannot cope with the increased demand. In addition, in August, the monopoly enterprise closes for an annual quarantine. Restaurateurs are racking their brains: what to make popular rolls and steaks from? Someone will say that the problem is from the category of "small pearls", however, ordinary visitors to the Ural stores also note the increase in fish prices. - If earlier I could treat myself to a salmon steak for a holiday, now I look at simpler fish, for example, cod. But it also rises in ...
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