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Chamber of grain and feed in Poland: There is no demand for expensive grain

Updated Dec 27, 2022
Grain trade before the Christmas and New Year period was small. Farmers are not interested in selling grain, not agreeing to the offered prices, and most fodder factories and mills do not look for grain, because they have already made purchases, stocking up for several weeks, informs the Grain and Feed Chamber.
In addition - as indicated by the Chamber - the demand of the feed industry for grain limits the recorded decrease in feed production. Less need for feed It is expected that throughout 2022, the production of three basic types of livestock (poultry, pork, beef) in warm whipped weight may amount to approx. tons, which means a decrease of about 4%. compared to 2021. Pork production is likely to fall by about 12 percent. and will amount to 1645 thousand. tone. In turn, beef production may decrease by about 10 percent. up to 501 thousand tone. Poultry production is likely to increase by around 2%. (up to 2,671,000 tons), but this will not compensate for the decline in pork and beef production, noted IZ-P. Corn harvest According to the Chamber, the corn harvest is practically complete. In the eastern regions of the country, only single plantations are waiting to be harvested. Most farmers managed to harvest the grain despite the snow on the fields. Grain harvested recently, however, ...
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