Cherries consolidate Chile as the main supplier in China

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Published Feb 2, 2024

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In 2023, China's fruit imports and exports saw significant growth, with imports reaching 7.52 million tons (US$ 16.85 billion) and exports totaling 3.87 million tons (US$ 4.98 billion). The primary fruits imported were fresh and frozen durian, fresh cherries, bananas, and mangosteen, making up 76% of total fruit imports. The main suppliers were Thailand, Chile, Vietnam, Philippines, and New Zealand. Durian was the most imported fruit category, with fresh durian imports reaching US$ 6.72 billion and frozen durian imports totaling US$ 1.04 billion. New Zealand was the leading supplier of kiwifruit to China, with an import value of US$ 450 million, despite a 2% decrease from the previous year.
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According to a report published by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce for the Import and Export of Food Products, Indigenous Products and Animal By-products, China's fruit imports maintained their upward trajectory throughout 2023. Last year, the Asian giant imported 7 .52 million tons (US$ 16.85 billion), which represented year-on-year increases of 3% and 15%, compared to 2022. Meanwhile, Chinese fruit exports in 2023 totaled 3.87 million tons (US $4.98 billion). which corresponded to interannual increases of 19% and 8%. Notably, 2023 was the first year since 2020 in which both fruit imports and exports experienced growth. Chilean Cherries: The letter of presentation of Chilean fruits in China Regarding imports from China, the main fruits were: Fresh durian (US$ 6,720 million, frozen durian (US$ 1,040 million), fresh cherries (US$ 2,650 million ), bananas (US$ 1,080 million) and mangosteen (US$ 730 million. These categories represented 76% of China's total fruit imports. Meanwhile, ...
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