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Chestnuts: The conditions for a good year throughout Italy

Castagne: in tutta Italia le premesse per una buona annata
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Raw Chestnut
Environmental Issue
Jul 1, 2022
From Myfruit
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The 2022 chestnut season has all the credentials to be a good year. A lot, of course, will depend on the weather in the coming weeks, but it should also be considered that the centuries-old chestnut trees know how to react better than other plants to difficult situations. The chestnut, then, due to its intrinsic characteristics, does not force to anticipate the harvest in years of particular drought. These and other ideas emerged from the considerations of Ivo Poli, president of the National Chestnut City Association.
Interviewed by, Poli notes: "There was a great flowering from the North to the South of the Peninsula, driven in part also by the spring cold of last year, which had caused stress to the plants and therefore made them in some way react with the new season. For now, therefore, things have progressed on a regular basis, although the drought question obviously remains open. At the moment the plants, especially the secular ones, are not suffering; popular wisdom also teaches us this, which has coined ah hoc proverbs. For example, For San Lorenzo always on time, or on 10 August, San Lorenzo's day, there would still be room for a good year. Or, again, For Santa Maria the brown makes the cria (that is, the brown, on August 15, forms her creature, ed). But, apart from these sayings, the chestnut is a plant that can drink, with its leaves, the dew of the night, and less than other species it suffers from drought. Then, obviously, precipitation will be needed for the development ...
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