Chile: Vegetable exports generate USD 522 million in 2022

Updated Feb 22, 2023
In the period between January and December 2022, Chile managed to export 522 million FOB dollars in vegetables, 7.3% above the value mobilized in 2021, according to the Office of Agrarian Studies and Policies (Odepa). Of the value achieved, 49.5% was exported as processed vegetables (pastas, juices, dehydrated and preserves), 31.6% corresponded to the shipment of vegetable seeds, 9.2% to the frozen vegetables sector and 9. .7% was related to fresh vegetables. The main exported vegetable, agglomerating 41.8% of the total value positioned in foreign markets, was the tomato with 218.4 million FOB dollars, of which 95.9% was moved in paste format. In 2022, 12.1% less volume was sold outside of Chile than in 2021, but the figure obtained was 30.4% higher with USD 209.5 million (USD 48.8 million FOB more than in 2021). Along the same lines, Chile sent the tomato paste to 50 countries and 74% of the value went to only 10 of these nations, the main ones being Mexico, the United States, ...
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