Chile will prohibit the name of meat for vegetable substitutes

Meat Substitute
Regulation & Compliances
Published Feb 12, 2024

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Chile's Senate has passed a bill defining the term 'meat' and banning its use for plant-based substitutes. The bill, now heading to the Chamber for approval, requires products with additional ingredients to be clearly labelled. It also prohibits the use of names linked to animal products for food items containing more plant matter than meat, unless they are explicitly identified as plant-based.
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The Senate of Chile has approved the bill for the rule that defines the concept of meat and prohibits calling its vegetable substitutes as such, which thus passes to the Chamber, which must pass this new legislative text. The text seeks to ensure that it that is sold as meat, really is, not opening the space for substitutes. This establishes that in the event that a product incorporates other ingredients, it is expressly indicated. The Agriculture Commission studied the motion, introducing changes, hence now the deputies must review these changes in the next stage after the legislative recess. February. “By the name meat, we understand the edible part of the muscles of slaughter animals such as cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, goats, camelids, and other species suitable for human consumption. Game meat in its handling, preparation, packaging, storage, distribution and sale procedures must comply with the provisions of the Food Health Regulations, and the technical standard issued for ...
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