In 2023, Chilean salmon and trout exports declined, with a significant decrease in silver salmon sales in the Japanese market

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Published Mar 8, 2024

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In 2023, Chile saw a 3.1% increase in salmon and trout exports, totaling 774,531 tons. However, the total export volume decreased by 2.1% to US$6.46 billion due to a 5% drop in average price. Over the past five years, the average export volume of these fish has only grown by 2%, indicating a slowdown in the industry. The United States is the largest market for Chilean salmon and trout, accounting for 32.7% of exports, followed by Japan (17.7%), Brazil (17.6%), and China (5.6%).
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According to statistics from the Chilean Salmon Council, Chile exported 774,531 tons of salmon and trout in 2023, a year-on-year increase of 3.1%, but the total export volume fell by 2.1% to US$6.46 billion. ​ The association pointed out that last year, the average price of Chilean salmon fell by 5% compared with the previous year, and the decline was more obvious in the second half of the year (especially the last four months), which had a negative impact on the annual export volume. ​ In the past five years, the average export volume of Chilean salmon and trout has grown by only 2%, the average annual growth rate of Atlantic salmon is 1.8%, and the growth rate of coho salmon is 5.6%. The slowdown in growth indicates that the industry’s production expansion has stalled. ​ In 2023, Chilean Atlantic salmon and coho salmon export growth rates are 3.7% and 2.5% respectively. Among them, coho salmon exports reached 184,442 tons, 77% of which are whole fish, and 20% of which are ...
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