Black caviar from China is massively sold under the guise of Russian

Published Nov 22, 2023

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Russian markets are flooded with counterfeit caviar, with almost half of the Russian market containing imported counterfeits, according to the Union of Sturgeon Breeders. Chinese black caviar is estimated to make up about 40% of the illegal caviar market in Russia. The counterfeit caviar is often relabeled as Russian and sold at a lower price, but it may pose risks to consumers as it does not undergo quality and safety checks.
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There are imports, but there are no brands. In Russia, Chinese sturgeon caviar is sold en masse under the guise of Russian. Izvestia was informed about this by the Union of Sturgeon Breeders, where they noted that almost half of the Russian market is filled with imported counterfeits. — The share of illegal Chinese black caviar on the market is now estimated at about 40%. These data are just part of the iceberg of counterfeit and falsification. For example, last year, 18.5 tons of sturgeon caviar were officially imported into Russia from the PRC, but not a single kilogram of this was sold as caviar from the PRC - all these products were relabeled in the Russian Federation and sold as Russian, he said Izvestia is informed by Alexander Novikov, President of the Sturgeon Breeders Union, owner of the Russian Caviar House company. According to him, in addition to official supplies, smuggled caviar from China is also imported into our country; its volume exceeds the legal volume by ...
Source: Fishretail
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