Chinese seed production is self-sufficient in grains and is heading for vegetables

Updated Aug 10, 2023
China is the world's second largest seed market after the US, and the national seed industry produces 12 million metric tons of seeds annually with a market value of US$19 billion. Seed production for the seven major crops (corn, rice, wheat, soybeans, cotton, potatoes and rapeseed) is approximately 10 million tonnes with a market value of around US$13.5 billion.
An overview of the Chinese seed market is published on the portal using reports from the USDA of China and the USDA of the USA. According to China's official reports, the country is completely self-sufficient in rice and wheat seeds and almost completely in corn and soybean seeds, and domestic vegetable seed production is also developing. According to the 2022 China Crop Seed Industry Development Report (hereinafter referred to as the 2022 Seed Report) prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA), measures have been taken in recent years to improve the management of variety registration and strengthen intellectual property protection. as a push to diversify registered varieties, as many current registrations are for similar varieties of the same crop. Therefore, in 2022, the number of nationally registered varieties declined after several years of upward trend, with only 26 percent of rice varieties and 23 percent of corn varieties submitted ...
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