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Keren ! DPA Lembata Raih Omzet Rp 2 M dari Kemiri dan Mete

Keren ! DPA Lembata Raih Omzet Rp 2 M dari Kemiri dan Mete
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Hazelnut Kernel
Market Situation
Feb 8, 2021
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The man who was born in June 1981 started his career as an agricultural extension assistant at the Lembata Regency Agriculture Service in 2009. Now, he is able to market his candlenut products to Java. His journey to become an entrepreneur in agriculture was not instantaneous. When he was a instructor, he worked hard to foster farmers in the target areas who cultivated peanuts. Thanks to hard work and cooperation, peanut production has increased so that it is marketed to South Sulawesi. It was during this time that he saw business prospects in the agricultural sector, especially in Lembata Regency. Muhammad Ali was moved to look for potential commodities in Lembata Regency that have not been widely used. Finally in 2016 he decided to stop being an agricultural extension agent and become a farmer in the field of hazelnut and cashew nut processing. Not a tough millennial if he is not afraid of facing challenges, at the beginning of his business he found candlenut from farmers in ...
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