Brazil: Corn harvest reached 57% in Rio Grande do Sul

Updated Mar 3, 2023
According to the Conjunctural Newsletter of Emater/RS, the main activity in Rio Grande do Sul in the last week was the corn harvest, which reached 57% of the cultivated area. Crops in maturation represent 18% of the total; 10% are in grain filling; 8% in flowering; and 7% in germination and vegetative development. The rains that occurred between 02/23 and 02/24, irregular and in very varied volumes, benefited the smallest part of the crops. The estimated cultivation area for the 2022/2023 season is 831,786 hectares. Soybean crops predominate in reproductive stages, with 30% in flowering and 54% in grain filling, another 10% already in maturation and 6% still in germination and vegetative development. The occurrence of irregular precipitation, more concentrated in the north of the state, mitigated the lack of moisture in part of the crops, where the accumulated volumes exceeded 30mm. The projected area for the 2022/2023 harvest is 6,568,607 hectares. The initially estimated ...
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