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Vietnam: Costs soar, and farmers in Tien Giang suffer

Chi phí tăng cao, người chăn nuôi ở Tiền Giang điêu đứng
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Jun 24, 2022
From CafeF
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Tien Giang is a locality with a thriving livestock, poultry and aquatic product breeding model in the Mekong Delta. Recently, in the face of rising gasoline prices, the cost of buying food and veterinary drugs has skyrocketed, making farmers unprofitable and life difficult. Although the price of red tilapia raised in cages is at a "record" (38,000 VND/kg), many fishermen in Tien Giang province have hung up their rafts because of losses due to high feed prices.
Recently, the price of feed for raft fish has continuously increased, so fish farmers have to lose more than 3,000 VND/kg. Mr. Nguyen Tan Binh, a long-time fisherman in Thoi Son Islet, My Tho City, thinks that fuel has increased, so food has increased by 30% compared to every year, but the price of new fish has increased by 3,000. VND/kg from half a month now. “The price of fish has now increased to 38,000 VND/kg, but farmers still have losses, when the fish price reaches 41,000 VND/kg, the farmers break even and 42,000 VND/kg or more. However, the price of feed is so high that people do not dare to stock and hang the pond, while the animal feed agents also do not sell on credit, must buy in cash. Now, only those who have collateral to borrow a bank loan can have money to buy fish food, and those who do not have collateral to borrow money have to retire," Binh said. Along with fish, the pig herd in Tien Giang province usually ranks 2nd (after Ben Tre) but is now decreasing sharply ...
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