Critical supply of raw materials for fresh-cut salads due to poor weather conditions in Europe

Published Dec 6, 2023

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Extreme weather conditions in Europe are causing supply issues for fresh-cut salad products. Manufacturers in northern Germany, France, and Italy are struggling to obtain enough raw materials due to the unusual weather, including severe storms and heavy rainfall. The supply chain for salads is expected to be significantly impacted for the next eight to ten weeks, leading to shortages in adult varieties of lettuce, such as head and oak leaf lettuces, as well as lamb's lettuce.
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12/05/2023 | 16:50:00 | ID: 38283 | Department: Agriculture | agricultural economics Bonn (agrar-PR) - The ongoing extreme weather conditions throughout Europe are extending the already strained supply of raw materials in the fresh-cut salad product segment. Manufacturers of ready-to-eat salad products are struggling with the effects of the unusual weather conditions, particularly in northern Germany, France and Italy. These problems are currently having a significant impact on the supply of raw materials and are expected to continue to have a massive impact on the supply chains in the next eight to ten weeks and thus into the new year. Severe storms have caused significant damage to outdoor crops and greenhouses in western France. Some regions were also exposed to exceptionally heavy rainfall. In important growing areas it rained more than it had in 30 years: In Nantes alone, 250 to 300 mm of precipitation fell in one month - compared to the usual 700 mm per year! In the north of ...
Source: Agrar
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