Crop estimate for various crops in the European Union adjusted downwards

Published Jul 27, 2023

Tridge summary

The drought and heat that affected Europe has led to a 1-3% reduction in grain harvest expectations, with reduced yields expected for potatoes, sugar beet, sunflowers, and spring barley. The drought has had a particularly adverse effect on western, central, and northern Europe, as well as eastern Romania, while heavy rain has delayed harvests in other parts of Europe. Romania's sunflower seed production is expected to be significantly impacted, and lower harvest expectations in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and the Baltic states have further decreased the forecast for spring barley.
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Original content

The JRC is downgrading grain harvest expectations by 1 to 3% from its June estimate. An average yield of 34.4 tonnes per hectare is expected for potatoes throughout the European Union. That is 3% less than in June. For sugar beet, the analysts now assume a yield of 73.3 tonnes per hectare. That also means a 3% reduction compared to the June estimate. The main reason for the deteriorated harvest expectations is the drought that affected large parts of western, central and northern Europe, as well as eastern Romania. In southern parts of the Iberian Peninsula and northern Italy, the heat could have irreversible effects on yields. In other parts of Europe, the harvest is delayed by heavy rain. In addition to the yield, this can also have an impact on the quality of the grain. It mainly plays in western parts of Bulgaria and Romania, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary. The forecast for sunflowers has been revised to 5% below the 5-year average, ...
Source: Agri Holland
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