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Currency effects, value growth and volume decline for Norwegian seafood exports in February

Updated Mar 3, 2023
Norway exported seafood worth NOK 12.8 billion in February. This is an increase of NOK 1.6 billion, or 14 per cent, from last year's same month.“Despite war and unrest in several parts of the world, Norwegian seafood exports have enjoyed a good start to the year in value, driven by high price growth and a weak Norwegian krone.
However, export volume has fallen six months in a row, and we must go back to 2006 to a February month with a lower export volume of Norwegian seafood”, says Christian Chramer, CEO of the Norwegian Seafood Council. Quota cuts and bad weatherIn total, Norway exported 207,000 tonnes of seafood last month. This is a decrease of 17 per cent compared to February last year.“For certain wild fish species, such as cod, lower quotas and bad weather have contributed to landings being significantly lower than in the same period last year. It has resulted in a weaker raw material supply for the land industry, and we must go back to 2013 to find a February month with a lower export volume of fresh cod”, says Chramer.Lower catch volume for salmonThere was also a decline in the export volume for salmon in February.“This is primarily due to lower catch volume”, stresses Christian Chramer.According to the Norwegian Seafood Council's calculations, the decline in volume negatively affected the total ...
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