Peru: Current outlook for Piura fruit exports

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Published Feb 21, 2024

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Piura, a region in Peru, is a significant producer of bananas, table grapes, mangoes, and subtle lemons, with a significant portion of its produce being exported. However, the region has seen a decrease in fruit production due to adverse weather conditions. The article emphasizes the need for professionalization in agriculture, particularly in mango production. It suggests the adaptation of technological packages to different climatic conditions, introduction of new products and techniques, and professionalization of post-harvest processes to improve operations in processing plants.
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Piura is known for its outstanding production of bananas, table grapes, mangoes and subtle lemons. César Morocho, general manager of fruits of Piura, shares the current situation and projections of these fruits, which are key elements in the region's agro-export basket. Banana The Piura fruit representative began the productive analysis with bananas, indicating that bananas are produced in the area 52 weeks a year, “we export about 280 containers per week, where 95% of the production is organic. Most of which are in the hands of small producers grouped in associations,” he explained to Portal Frutícola. He indicated that in previous seasons they exported approximately 2 containers a week and “due to the rains that affected the area until September, we exported one every 15 days. "It has been a very difficult campaign for bananas, even more so when it is a product that requires a lot of efficiency in terms of costs." Mango Morocho continued the analysis with the current situation ...
Source: AgroPeru
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