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Dates exported from Iran to 85 countries

Updated Mar 16, 2022
India, Malaysia and Russia were the main destinations, exports to which accounted for 16%, 11% and 9.9% of Iran’s total date sales respectively during the period. “Other destinations were Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, the UAE, Kazakhstan, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland and the UK,” Arsalan Qasemi was also quoted as saying by IRNA.According to Rouhollah Latifi, spokesman of the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration, 38,152 tons of dates worth $211.64 million were exported from Iran in the fiscal 2019-20.According to the official, Iran is the second biggest producer of dates in the world after Egypt.“Egypt with 1.8 million tons, Iran with 1.2 million tons and Saudi Arabia with 1 million tons are the three biggest producers of dates worldwide, accounting for 3%, 9.7% and 8.8% of global exports respectively.”Algeria has the biggest area of land under date cultivation.“Iran is the biggest exporter of dates in the world,” Chairman of the National Association of ...
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