Development of production of niche vegetable oils is predicted in Ukraine

Published Dec 1, 2021

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The development of production of niche oils is forecasted in Ukraine. This will somewhat change the oil "landscape" and, perhaps, over time, Ukraine will be able to be proud not only of its title of the world's largest producer and exporter of sunflower oil. Great prospects, in particular, for pumpkin and mustard oil.

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If just five years ago there were less than a dozen manufacturers of niche oils on the Ukrainian market, now, according to the observations of Interlink LLC, there are already several dozen of them, mostly of small and medium power. Up to five companies work for export. A maximum of 5-10% of market participants are engaged in niche oils. LLC "Interlink" produces mustard oil and against the background of rising prices for traditional sunflower oil, they notice an increase in buyers' interest in niche offers. According to the company, the production of oils from non-traditional raw materials will indeed develop more actively. But this trend is hindered by weak sales of products in Ukraine, since industrial consumers have little interest in it. Basically, niche oils are the focus of retail and health-conscious consumers. The most promising are cold-pressed oils “It is better to call niche oils cold-pressed oils,” says Elena Orlyuk, owner of Oilextra, where thirteen types of oils are ...
Source: Oilworld
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