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The storm Dian Mu, sank 2 million rai of rice fields, 300,000 farmers are in crisis while merchants take advantage of expensive vegetables in Thailand

Updated Oct 6, 2021
4 hundred thousand rai of agricultural land drowned. "Rice field" lost almost 2.8 million rai. "Agriculture" presses measures to help 3.5 hundred thousand families in crisis. The Council of Agriculture recommends lifting the 2011 model. Coordinating to remedy the impact, fixing it to the point of commerce, accelerating the linkage of the market, solving logistics problems, delivering shortage of goods - merchants take advantage of price increases during vegetarian food A source from the Department of Agricultural Extension states that a new storm (Lion Rock) is likely to make landfall after October 11, 2021, initially likely affecting the northeastern region. which was previously affected by Typhoon Mu. According to the latest survey of affected agricultural areas, as of October 3, 2021, agricultural areas are expected to be damaged in 42 provinces, representing 350,492 farmers, of which 2,797,473 hectares of rice planted, 1,583,372 field crops and vegetables. Rais, fruit trees, ...
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