South Korea: Diversification of Jeju seafood exports in Hong Kong

Updated Jun 5, 2023
In order to diversify the export market of Jeju seafood, Jeju Island promoted aggressive marketing targeting local Korean restaurants in Hong Kong from June 1st to 4th in collaboration with the Jeju Seafood Export Association.
Jeju Island announced that it would hold tastings and promotional events in Hong Kong as part of its overseas market development support project for Jeju seafood products, and sign an agreement to preferential use of Jeju seafood products for Korean restaurants. First of all, we prepared an event to sample dishes made with Jeju seafood at a Korean restaurant, and held a promotional event for Jeju seafood at Shinguhwa Caorn City and two other locations. On June 2nd, in order to build a platform for the Greater China region, the Jeju Fisheries Export Association and Amazing Fine Foods (a local buyer in Hong Kong) signed an agreement to preferentially use Jeju seafood products. The agreement is expected to increase Jeju seafood exports by 253%. Hong Kong ...
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