DPO in Thailand joins four partners to wade "free hemp" to research value-added animal feed.

Hemp Seed
Published Feb 12, 2021

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The Office of Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives has partnered with 4 FDA partners - Mae Jo - Kasetsart University - Buriram community enterprise ready to accelerate hemp research to add value to the production of animal feed raw materials and increase efficiency. Raising the dairy of the country in the future

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Mr. Suchart Jariyertsak Deputy director Acting on behalf of the Director of Dairy Promotion Organization of Thailand (DPO) revealed that from the permit or unlocking "hemp" for all sectors, both farmers. Public and private sectors People can apply for permission and use hemp for commercial, medical, research, and educational purposes. For the development and production of certified seeds, the EPPO recognizes the importance and is interested in bringing all parts of hemp and its residues from harvesting or processing of hemp for research and development. To add value to the production of animal feed raw materials Especially the part of the hemp seed meal after squeezing out the oil. According to research reports, it is found that the nutritional value is high, including protein and energy. The value is similar to the different types of peanut meal used as raw material for animal feed which is imported from abroad for use in the animal feed industry of Thailand. (FDA) and partners ...
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