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Turkey: Drought threats from sunflower to grape

Ayçiçeğinden üzüme kuraklık tehdidi
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Sunflower Seed
Fresh Grape
Environmental Issue
Nov 29, 2021
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Turkey is experiencing the driest days of the last 20 years. Scientists examined the possible consequences of the increased risk of drought, which they attributed to global warming. It is estimated that many critical agricultural products will decrease in the coming years. Turkey is experiencing the driest period of the last 20 years. In agriculture and meteorology, the period between October 1 and September 30 of the following year is defined as the "water/agricultural year".
The General Directorate of Meteorology recently announced the precipitation rates for Turkey's 2020-2021 water/agricultural year. While 552 milliliters of rain water per square meter fell across the country in the previous year, 465 milliliters of rain water per square meter fell by 16 percent this year. How will the decrease in precipitation affect agriculture? The study “Analysis of Agriculture and Food Sector in the Context of Sustainable Growth” published by TÜSİAD seeks an answer to this question. prof. Dr. Gokhan Ozertan, Assoc. Dr. Baris Karapinar, Dr. According to the report prepared by Tetsuji Tanaka, Nazan An and Mustafa Tufan Turp, with the decrease in precipitation in Turkey, there will be significant decreases in the ...
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