Durum wheat: The price lists are consolidated in global markets

Durum Wheat
Published Jan 27, 2024

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The grain market shows signs of consolidation with durum wheat prices remaining unchanged due to local product scarcity, while soft wheat prices are stabilizing. Uncertainty looms over the 2024 production due to climatic trends. The global market remains largely unchanged, with a decline in grain prices in Argentina, Australia, and Russia, offset by a slight increase in the USA. In Italy, an abundance of product availability has led to a slow decline in prices. The feed grain sector continues to experience bearish pressure, leading to price drops in Milan and Bologna.
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Week of flat calm even for the tender. Mixed signals for soybeans and canola, but the downward trend prevails at the moment. Corn in free fall Durum wheat, eyes focused on the progress of the new Italian campaign For durum wheat, the week shows signs of consolidation from North to South compared to the last one, with prices remaining unchanged in the face of a local product supply ( low quality, but not foxed) which is starting to become scarce, leaving room for imported grains, which remain decidedly at a premium compared to the best national ones. The results of the latest "any origin" sales in North Africa consolidate this market situation, awaiting more precise news from the fields with a view to the 2024 harvest. The hard "Fino" remains at €395-405/t arrival destination, with the merchant ships at a discount of €30-65/t in the Centre-North and €15-45/t in the South. Europe Market with few trades and which looks at progress in the field and the trend of prices in the ...
Source: Terraevita
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