Dutch scientists grow black caviar in the laboratory

Published Sep 29, 2021

Original content

Scientists at the University of Wageningen (WUR) have partnered with Dutch startup Geneus Biotech to create cell-grown eggs. According to Green Queen, the joint project was led by Dr. Arjan Palstra from WUR and Geneus CSO, Dr. Sundararaghavan Pattabiraman. Their cooperation is aimed at solving the plight of the sturgeon beluga, which is under great threat of extinction due to the appetite of humanity for its caviar. As part of the project, researchers are developing Magiccaviar, a fish roe product grown in cell cultures. The latter is obtained from oocytes formed by the in vitro method. Before taking the cages from the beluga, the researchers will work out the technology on the sterlet. “Closely related sturgeon species are being used to develop breeding methods to minimize adverse impacts on very rare species,” explained Geneus Board Member Dr. Muriel Vernon. In addition to fighting the disappearance of valuable fish, cultured caviar will also solve the problems of transparency ...
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