Global: Greenhouse vegetables are getting cheaper on week 17 of 2023; wild strawberries are getting more expensive in Poland and falling in price in Uzbekistan

Published Apr 29, 2023

Tridge summary

This week, the main concentration of price changes in the fruit and vegetable market of the countries of the EastFruit monitoring region was cucumber and strawberry. And if the cucumber was mainly cheaper, then the prices for garden strawberries changed in different directions. Other events include fluctuations in prices for apples in Moldova, as well as an increase in the price of potatoes and carrots in Ukraine. Price alerts.

Original content

Berries On the market of berries this week, changes were recorded in the garden strawberry segment, and the changes were diverse. So, in Poland, the berry continues to rise in price. The traditional seasonal decline in prices on the Polish wholesale market for garden strawberries was observed from February to mid-April this year, which in turn contributed to an increase in demand for these products. As a result, against the backdrop of increased demand, strawberry suppliers from both Spain and Greece and Albania were able to raise prices for the berry to $3.61/kg. Demand for garden strawberries also increased in Ukraine (after the fall in the price of berries last week), this immediately affected the cost - this week, garden strawberries in the Ukrainian markets rose in price to $4.38/kg. With an increase in supply on the market, the price of a berry in Moldova slightly decreased. Thus, by the end of the reporting period, strawberries were sold in Moldovan markets at $3.61/kg. The ...
Source: Eastfruit
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