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Growth in pear exports and record almond imports - August results in Serbia

EF Trade Alerts: рост экспорта груш и рекордный импорт миндаля – итоги августа в Сербии
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Nov 25, 2021
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In August of this year, Serbia set several records at once in foreign trade in vegetables and fruits. Thus, imports of almonds this month reached their highest level in at least the last several years, and an almost record level was recorded in the segment of imports of celery. In addition, in August, Serbian importers sharply increased the volume of purchases of cabbage, which was practically not observed before.
In the fruit segment of foreign trade, Serbia quite sharply reduced the export of apples, but at the same time increased the export of pears. It is also worth noting a decrease in imports of frozen garden strawberries in August, although it is already obvious that it will turn out to be a record over the calendar year due to its sharp increase over the previous months. EF Trade Alerts. Serbia. Vegetables In August this year, Serbia imported over 360 tons of cabbage, which, although it was lower than the more significant indicators in the spring, was not observed at all earlier this month. The increase in imports was associated with a shortage of high-quality local cabbage, which began to be felt in the country by the beginning of the last summer month. Poland became the main supplier of cabbage to the Serbian market, accounting for 55% of total imports. Smaller quantities of these products were imported from the Netherlands, Germany, Turkey and Croatia. Celery green imports have ...
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