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Ethiopia gains USD 250 million from the export of oilseeds and pulses

Updated Feb 23, 2023
Ethiopia collected USD 250 million over the past seven months by exporting oilseeds and grains. Sesame, Niger, and Castor bean were the most exported oilseeds while soybean claimed the lion’s share in the export of grains.
Sesame accounted 92% of the entire oilseeds export. The country was able to sell 65,179 tons of sesame and earn USD 110.8 million while USD 7.3 million was gained from the sale of niger. On the other hand, USD 133 million was obtain from the export of 165,062 metric tons of pulses including 49,847 tons of soybeans which brought USD 35 million. The main destinations for the export of oilseeds and pulses were Israel and India, respectively. Oilseeds are also exported to UAE, Singapore, ...
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