Europe is the largest market for Peruvian peas

Published May 16, 2024

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The Peruvian pea season has commenced, with the season starting two weeks later than usual due to cold weather. Currently, peas are being flown to Europe, the primary market, but sea containers are anticipated to be loaded by the end of the week. North Bay Produce, which sources peas from the Caraz region in Peru, estimates that 80% of its production is sent to Europe, with the remainder going to the United States and Japan. The demand for Peruvian peas in Europe is evenly split between snow peas and sugar snaps, despite Zimbabwe's lower pricing. North Bay Produce prioritizes quality and consistency, which is crucial for large distribution chains. The company also faces challenges such as rising costs and the need to provide a fair return to producers while maintaining a competitive price.
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( The pea season in Peru began last week. The cold slowed the start by around two weeks and volumes will remain relatively low over the next few days. As a result of low volumes, this week's product is sent by plane to Europe, the main destination for Peruvian peas. "However, with the increase in supply, producers are expected to begin loading the first sea containers at the end of next week," says Teresa Alarcón, of North Bay Produce, based in the United Kingdom. He estimates that about 80% of North Bay peas from Peru are shipped to Europe, while the rest of the volume goes to the United States and Japan. All North Bay pea producers are located in the Caraz region of the highlands of Peru. "It is one of the best producing regions in Peru thanks to its high altitude," says Alarcón. "There is a big contrast between night and day temperatures and another advantage is the quality of the soil and water." The water supply comes from a glacier in the area. Two types of peas ...
Source: Agraria
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