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EU: Export of vegetables and preserves

Eksport warzyw i przetworów
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Nov 15, 2021
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The export of vegetables and vegetable preserves accounted for 5% of the value of all Polish agri-food exports. The European Union countries were the largest recipients of vegetables and preserves. Revenues received from the shipment of this assortment group to the EU-27 amounted to EUR 598 million, which accounted for 69% of the value of foreign sales.
Among the EU countries, the most important trading partners of Poland were Germany - EUR 187 million and 22% of this group's exports and France - EUR 55 million and 6%, and from outside the EU - Great Britain - EUR 104 million and 12%, Russia and Ukraine - respectively 38 million EUR and EUR 32 million - 4% each. Among fresh vegetables, mushrooms and onions were the most exported, and ...
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