Exporting pepper to the EU market: Businesses in Vietnam must be proactive

Published Sep 26, 2023

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The EVFTA Agreement presents opportunities for Vietnam to increase its pepper exports to the EU, which currently accounts for 23.1% of Vietnam's pepper export market share. However, in order to sustainably grow their exports to the EU, the pepper industry needs to improve product quality, ensure safe production, and meet EU regulations on plant residues. Vietnam is the world's largest pepper producer and exporter, with a production area of 115.1 thousand hectares and an output of 288.2 thousand tons in 2021.
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In which the EU is still a potential market for pepper exports, the EVFTA Agreement brings opportunities to increase pepper exports to this market. In 2022, the EU accounts for 23.1% of Vietnam's pepper export market share, reaching 53,543 tons. However, for pepper exports to the EU to grow sustainably, the pepper industry needs to improve product quality, promote safe production, organize production links, and meet requirements on protective drug residues. plants in exported products according to EU regulations. 1. Current status of production and consumption of Vietnam's pepper industry 1.1. Current status of pepper production in Vietnam Pepper (Piper nigrum) is a perennial industrial crop with high economic value used mainly in the food industry. Vietnam has continuously been the world's No. 1 pepper producer and exporter since 2004. According to statistics, in 1990, Vietnam only contributed 4% of world pepper production, but by 2000 has increased to 14%, in 2003 it increased ...
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