Exports of melon and apples from Kazakhstan increased, but watermelon decreased

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Published Sep 28, 2023

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From January to July 2023, the Republic of Kazakhstan saw a 12.7% increase in fruit and berry exports, earning $11.2 million. The sales of apples experienced a significant increase of 21 times, with Russia and Uzbekistan being the major buyers. However, the export of watermelons and grapes decreased during this period.
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Sales of apples abroad have increased significantly – 21 times (7 thousand tons). They were purchased by Russia - 6 thousand tons (+48.4 times) and Uzbekistan - 646.6 tons (+3.7 times). Exports of citrus fruits increased by 43.9%, to 2.1 thousand tons. Deliveries of lemons, tangerines and grapefruits went to Russia and Uzbekistan. 30.9% more dates were exported from Kazakhstan – 3.7 thousand tons, to Russia, Turkey and Tajikistan. Sales of melons also increased – by 22.4%, to 8.7 thousand tons. Buyers included Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Latvia. Read also: Kazakhstan sharply increased potato exports to the Uzbekistan market The export of cherries and sweet cherries increased immediately by 578.6 times (4.2 thousand tons), plums - by 3.4 times (824.5 tons), apricots - by 2.8 times (1.3 thousand tons), peaches – by 38.3% (376.6 tons). Russia purchased the entire volume of these fruits, as well as strawberries (15.8 tons). At the same time, sales of watermelons decreased by 3.2 ...
Source: Eastfruit
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