Exports of Paraguayan yerba mate reach 27 countries

Published May 26, 2024

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Yerba mate, a native South American plant, has found its way into 27 countries, with Spain, Argentina, and Syria being its primary markets. The product is used in various forms including infusions, energy drinks, solubles, and tea. However, a judge in Posadas, Argentina, has ordered a halt to imports of yerba mate from Paraguay and Brazil due to concerns over health control evasion and potential public health risks. This decision has been met with criticism from the Paraguayan Yerba Mate Center, which maintains that their product meets quality standards and argues against unjustified quality and safety disparagements. The situation highlights the complexities and challenges in the global trade of yerba mate.
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Yerba mate from Paraguay now reaches 27 countries, where it is not only the basis of the famous mate infusion or Paraguayan cold tereré but is used in energy drinks, infusions, solubles and tea. In this framework, the markets of Argentina, Syria and Spain have become the main destinations. This was announced this Thursday by the general manager of the Paraguayan Yerbatero Center, Naida Alderete, who explained in an interview with the state channel Paraguay TV that other destinations for this tree plant native to South America are Brazil, Poland, the Czech Republic, the United States. United States, Japan and the United Kingdom. Alderete also highlighted the rebound in shipments to Turkey and Lebanon, destinations that he described as “large consumers of yerba mate.” Spain, Alderete assured, is a consolidated market, into which several products enter, including organic yerba mate from Paraguay. That country is the third destination for yerba mate produced in Paraguay, with nearly ...
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