Corn fell by nine euros in the European grain and oilseed futures markets

Updated Feb 28, 2023
Only rapeseed breaks the downward trend in the February 27 session of the main European futures markets, Euronext, highlighting the drop of up to nine euros for corn and the drop of €2.25 per ton for wheat.
WHEAT The price of the wheat contracts closed for March fell 2.25 euros per ton to stand at 277.50 euros, while the agreements reached for May suffered a decrease of 2 euros to quote at €278. CORN Sinking of corn that sees how the tons that will arrive at their destination in March fall 9 euros to stand at 279.50 euros while those that will do so in June fall 2.25 euros to stand at 277.25 euros. RAPE Only rapeseed rebounds, in the Euronext session of February 27, with an ...
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