FAO: Trends in world poultry meat production in 2023

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Published Jun 29, 2023

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The FAO predicts that global production of edible poultry, including chicken, turkey, duck, and geese, will increase by 1.35% in 2023, reaching 142.6 million tons. China is the world's largest producer, followed by the United States and Brazil. Brazil is expected to have the highest rate of expansion among the top producers at 2.74%. Overall, 60% of the top ten producers are losing their share in world production, with Africa, Asia, and Europe experiencing decreases.
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In the Food Outlook 2023 just released, the FAO points out production trends not only for chicken, but for edible poultry in general, which also includes turkey, duck and geese, among others. And it indicates that world production this year should increase by about 1.35%, totaling 142.6 million tons, that is, no more than 1.9 million additional tons compared to 2022 production. As coverage is broader, in this survey the world's largest producer is China, with a volume about 5% higher than that of the United States, in second place. Brazil comes in third, with 11% of the forecast world production. But while the Chinese expansion this year should not reach half a percent and the North American one is below 2%, the Brazilian one is estimated at 2.74% – the highest rate of expansion pointed out for the 10 largest world producers. Among these, only one country – Japan – signals a negative result. But the planned reduction means, much more, stability. In any case, 60% of these ten ...
Source: SNA
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