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Fish grown on Kapchagay is in demand in Russia

Выращенная на Капчагае рыба пользуется спросом в России (фото)
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Oct 16, 2020
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Media representatives were able to take a tour of the enterprise, got acquainted with the process of growing African Clarius, Tilapia and Australian Red Claw Cancer in closed water supply systems. In addition, they presented fish processing products that are already being supplied to the market. The head of the enterprise, Aleksey Shchetinin, noted that the capacity of the plant allows producing 10 thousand tons of live and frozen fish annually. The peculiarity of the plant is that for 6 months here the fish from the state of the larva reaches 1 kg of marketable weight, this allows you to receive products twice a year. “Today, the Government pays increased attention to the population consuming more fish. Thanks to this, the capacity of our production is growing. Our goal is to increase the production of live fish and processed products for long-term storage. We have introduced into production about ten modern types of aquaculture. Among them are marble clarus, tilapia and ...
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