Bangladesh: Fishermen return to crab collection in Sundarbans after two-month ban

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Published Mar 4, 2024

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Fishermen in the Sundarbans have resumed crab collection after a two-month government-imposed ban aimed at protecting the crab breeding season. The ban was lifted last Thursday, with permits now being distributed to allow legal crab collection. However, there have been instances of illegal crab collection during the ban. The forest department has implemented strict guidelines for crab transportation and has threatened to take action against those who violate these rules.
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Fishermen have resumed collecting crabs in the Sundarbans following the conclusion of a two-month government-enforced ban designed to safeguard the breeding season of crabs.The ban, aimed at ensuring the sustainability of the crab population, ended last Thursday at midnight, with fishermen from coastal regions such as Mongla, Rampal, and Dakope seen entering the forest on Sunday with necessary equipment for crab collection.The hiatus, necessitated by the breeding season of crabs in January and February, saw the issuance of pass-permits by the forest department halted. With the ban lifted, permits are once again being distributed, allowing the fishermen to legally collect crabs from the Sundarbans’ extensive network of rivers and canals.Spanning 6,017 sqkm in Bangladesh, including 1,874.1 sqkm of aquatic areas, the Sundarbans are home to 450 rivers and canals, along with 14 species of crabs.To protect these species, certain canals have been designated as sanctuaries, with ...
Source: Newagebd
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