France: Weather makes sowing lamb's lettuce difficult

Published Nov 25, 2023

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At SAS Racines Carrées, growers are sowing large-leaved lamb's lettuce for the winter season. However, excessive rain has made it difficult to plant crops, leading to expected supply problems. Additionally, competition has emerged from new growing areas with limited products that are mainly traded on local markets.
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At the 100% organic growers' association SAS Racines Carrées, growers have just started sowing this winter's flagship product: large-leaved lamb's lettuce. In addition, growers affiliated with the growers' association grow regular lamb's lettuce for packaging in containers all year round. This range from Nantes is recognized and renowned, mainly thanks to the soil and climate conditions in the growing area: sandy soils and an oceanic climate, says sales manager at SAS Racines Carrées Simon. © SAS Racines Carrées Too much water during sowing Although the growers of SAS Racines Carrées were spared from storm damage as a result of the storms that passed through Brittany at the beginning of November, the lamb's lettuce seedlings did suffer from the many rain showers and the large amount of water that entered the region fell. "A lot of water has fallen in the region in recent weeks. This made it very difficult to plant crops, especially lamb's lettuce. We could not get to the plots." ...
Source: AGF
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