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Published Nov 13, 2023

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The price of domestic asparagus, zucchini, and patissizon decreased slightly in the 44th week of 2023. The producer price of potatoes rose significantly compared to the previous year. In the foreign trade of garlic, both export and import volumes increased, with the price of garlic remaining the same as the previous year. Additionally, the potato cultivation area increased in North-West European countries, and the potato harvest is expected to be higher than in 2022.
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Zucchini from Spain expanded the range at HUF 740/kg, 5 percent higher than a year earlier. Among the cabbages on the domestic market, the most common price of head cabbage at 195 forints/kilogram was 11 percent, that of red cabbage (240 forints/kilogram) 9 percent, and that of kale (300 forints/kilogram) 21 percent below the 44th week of 2022. The price of kohlrabi per piece increased by 7 percent to HUF 200/piece, while the most common price of Chinese kale increased from HUF 240 to HUF 350/kilogram in the 44th week compared to a year earlier. Domestically grown, medium-sized, brown-skinned red onions were sold at an average weekly price of HUF 270 per kilogram, and purple-skinned red onions at HUF 400 per kilogram, which increased by 35 and 23 percent respectively in one year. The price of domestic green onions at HUF 250/bunch was 33 percent higher than in the same week last year. The most common price of domestic apple varieties ranged between HUF 265-380/kilogram and was ...
Source: Magro
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