From the Italian markets: Artichokes for just a few cents, and nectarines from Chile for 4 euros

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Published Feb 28, 2024

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Italian markets are experiencing varying prices for different fruits and vegetables. The Sicilian market in Vittoria has lower than average prices for vegetables, while the agri-food center of Vicenza could potentially have higher prices but lacks demand. Oranges are suffering due to an abundance of small sizes, despite their excellent quality. Late clementines from Spain and Israel are supported and can reach 3 euros per kg. Artichokes are abundant and cheap, while the first asparagus sells for between 4 and 8 euros per kilo. In Turin, prices start from 0.65 and reach 2 euros per kg, while in Bologna, extra product can reach 2.40 euros per kilo. The prices of lemons vary between Italy and Spain, with the market awaiting the arrival of the Argentine product.
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At the Sicilian market in Vittoria the prices of vegetables are lower than the average seasonal ones, at the agri-food center of Vicenza the prices could be higher but there is not enough demand to raise prices. Even when the quality is excellent, traders point out. Oranges suffer from the problem of the abundance of small sizes compared to intermediate ones. Quotes from 0.50 up to a maximum of 2 euros with the Tarot. Late clementines from Spain and Israel are supported and can reach 3 euros per kg. At stake the artichokes with a lot of product for just a few cents. They don't sell out but we are around the euro per kg with the courgettes and a little above the aubergines. Off to the first asparagus which sells for between 4 and 8 euros per kilo. From Chile the white nectarines which reach 4 euros and have been appreciated. In Vicenza: “Oranges in crisis, strawberries from 5 to 6 euros” Luca Zanon, entrepreneur and president of Fedagro Vicenza, speaks of “movement volumes as low ...
Source: Myfruit
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